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Green Waste Club.

Diverting garden waste from landfill lifts local recycling rates, while converting it into compost and soil conditioners benefits the environment. Biffa's Green Waste Club is a free, and increasely popular, option for local authorities.

Devised, managed and operated by Biffa, the Green Waste Club today has many thousands of customers, both occasional and committed gardeners, who enjoy a dedicated collection service that does not require council expenditure.

Conceived as a budget-neutral way of helping local authorities increase recycling performance and provide community support, the Green Waste Club was launched in 2005 and is now well-established in several local authority areas.

Its environmentally-friendly service is funded by keenly-priced annual subscriptions paid by customers, either as individuals or as neighbours joining together to share a subscription.

The Club provides reliable fortnightly collections of garden waste from dedicated wheeled bins. The green waste is then delivered to partner processors for conversion into compost for domestic and agricultural use.

Many thousands of tonnes of garden waste have been diverted from landfill by the Club’s customers in the Surrey Heath, Arun, Melton and East Northamptonshire council areas.

Biffa is planning further expansion of the Club concept as councils balance tight budgets with resident expectations.

Click here to view the Green Waste Club Site. 

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Green Waste Club

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