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Melton Borough Council, one of England’s top kerbside-sort local authorities for several years, has changed to commingled collections.

Commingling to save money, reduce waste

Pressure to cut costs and to divert more waste from landfill has persuaded Melton Borough Council to change its recycling service. A Biffa client for ten years, the East Midlands authority started alternate week collections of commingled dry recyclables and of residual waste in April 2012.

Rather than putting glass containers, some plastics, paper and card in recycling boxes, residents now place a wider range of dry recyclables in wheeled bins.These are collected on alternate weeks with residual waste captured in a second wheeled bin. 

The council also replaced its previously-free garden waste collection service with Biffa’s Green Waste Club service.  Since the service was launched over a quarter of residents have subscribed.

Uplift expected

The new service, which is expected to reduce contract costs by over five per cent annually, settled quickly and within a few months, Melton was well on the way to achieving the predicted dry recycling improvement.

Biffa municipal development director Pete Dickson said Melton’s decision ‘again proved how important it is for local authorities to have a choice of collection systems’.

He added: “For some years, kerbside-sort has worked very well for Melton. But new challenges demanded change, and we are confident that commingling will again deliver the goods.”

In 2010, Melton extended its contract with Biffa for a further seven years.

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