The glass is too good a resource to end up in a landfill. We offer a glass recycling service that allows the waste glass to be converted into a new single colour glass or recycled as aggregate. At our state of the art facilities, we recycle around 90,000 tonnes of glass per annum.

Our Processes & Facilities

We have recently invested over £3million into our two glass recycling plants in Aldridge and Edmonton. This multi-million-pound investment has seen our upgraded, cutting-edge equipment produce a better grade of glass and to reduce contamination and remove foreign bodies often found in this material. The process of glass recycling is complex and represents one of the most problematic areas of waste management faced by the sector. Having the capacity to clean the glass in-house will allow Biffa to significantly increase the quality of recycled glass output. It will enable the glass recycling plants to operate more efficiently and effectively while ensuring we can create a sustainable pathway for business development.

Recycling Glass: What happens to the Glass we recycle?

We manufacture Enviro Glasgrit from 100% unwanted glass and re-melt industry recycled glass. The raw material is firstly segregated, cleaned and dried by various specialist processes to offer a superior product. We ensure that the waste glass used to make Enviro Glasgrit is from unwanted re-melt industry stocks. The re-melt industry accepts glass only above a certain size and cleanliness. We accept the unwanted glass which we then turn into a glass abrasive.

Our Glass Recycling Service

Designed to make recycling glass easier, with our specialised service we collect clean mixed glass, so there is no need to sort and separate your coloured glass. We offer one collection service for the following:
  • Bottles
  • Broken glassware
  • Jars
The service compliments our Dry Mixed Recycling product and provides 240-litre containers to ensure ease of handling and safety requirements are met. For significant volumes, we also offer a 6.1-metre open-air multi-bucket or a 9.2 metre enclosed multi-bucket.

How does our service work?

We will first conduct a waste audit for your business. Once we have a full understanding of the needs of your business, we'll create a bespoke service tailored to your waste volumes and specific requirements. We can supply a range of glass collection service options to meet your needs from weekly or fortnightly scheduled service to a 'call and collect' service. Get a quote for our glass recycling service today. If you’ve got any questions about our glass recycling processes, contact our team to resolve your queries.

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