One of our largest sites at Redhill accepts up to 600,000 tonnes per year of non-hazardous household and commercial waste from Surrey, London and the Home Counties and is anticipated to operate until 2030.

Over recent years, our landfill estate has been reducing in size as residual waste volumes are diverted to energy from waste and Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) outlets. This has been seen across the entire sector, with a general decline of active landfill sites in the UK. However, as a result, sites that have remained open are attracting waste from a larger catchment area which has led to recent increases in volume. Biffa is one of the main operators of landfill services in the UK. In the last year we handled around 3.6 million tonnes of waste through our 11 remaining operational landfill sites. These sites have a total remaining void of 40M cubic metres. We also manage 62 closed landfill sites. We believe that landfill will remain a key part of the waste management infrastructure for the foreseeable future, providing disposal paths increasingly for non-combustible, non-recyclable waste. In addition, landfill will also provide a much needed disposal outlet for the c.8mtpa of residual waste capacity gap remaining in 2020 as future UK infrastructure is built. Once our landfills are closed we aim to restore them to a high standard and involve local communities both during and after the sites' working life. We also aim to enhance the local environment by delivering robust aftercare systems, encouraging biodiversity and, where possible, facilitating public access and recreation.

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