We can buy and recycle all forms of plastic waste and offer a reliable collection service for your plastic scrap to take it for processing at our dedicated facility in Redcar. Not sure where to sell recycled paper? At Biffa, we’re specialists in the plastic recycling processes.

Complete Plastic Waste Service from our experts

We will not only take your plastic waste materials, but can also offer you, and your company, consultancy services on how best to separate mixed plastics.

We have a nationwide commercial team and an expert laboratory team who will help you to identify your different types of plastic. Our commercial team will work with you to educate your site team and advise you on how to segregate different types of plastics, so you avoid mixing incompatible grades and command the best rates.

We also provide a variety of on-site packaging such as cages, skips, bags and trailers to aid with site management and store bulk loads. We want to ensure that you can not only sell plastic waste materials but also streamline your processes so that on site segregation is as efficient as possible.

Get in touch to sell plastic waste

Wondering where to sell plastic scrap to? As experts in plastic waste recycling, we can guide you through your plastic waste removal processes and answer any other questions you may have regarding selling plastic waste for recycling purposes. Get in touch with our experts today.

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