Biffa will procure goods and services in an environmentally responsible way. While maintaining value for money, we will source goods and services that promote the use of renewable sources of energy and promote reuse and recycling.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Procurement

We are committed to our sustainable procurement strategy and to deliver this goal, we will:
  • Work with our key stakeholders to deliver continuous improvement in environmental standards for procurement.
  • Utilise a whole-life costing approach, including environmental costs, to secure the products that fulfil our requirements.
  • Gather and analyse environmental performance management information from key suppliers covering such areas as carbon avoidance, recycling content and waste management.
  • Work with our suppliers to improve their environmental performance and deliver our continuous improvement goals.

Developing our Sustainable Procurement Policy

We constantly review our sustainable procurement policy to ensure that we are working with the best suppliers, who recognise the need to consider the environmental impact of a company’s activities. Our procurement team are trained in sustainable procurement and how best to access suppliers who have the same commitment to sustainable resources. This continued relationship with suppliers is regularly reviewed in order to monitor resource efficiency and to maintain our high standards of social responsibility.

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