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Biffa is a UK leading integrated waste management company providing collection, recycling, treatment, disposal and technologically driven energy generation services across four operating divisions.


We control a significant proportion of waste arising in the UK, which places us at the centre of a dynamic and growing sector, providing indispensable commercial waste services to all UK businesses as well as household waste management.

How We Process Waste

Our Operating Divisions

Industrial & Commercial (I&C) Waste Management

Collecting 2.1 million tonnes of waste per annum
250,000 bin collections per week
75k business customers

95% UK postcode coverage

We are the UK’s no.1 industrial and commercial waste collection service provider, covering a vast range of UK business sectors, including manufacturing, retail and hospitality. Our 80 collection depots and transfer stations across the UK handle general waste, glass, dry mixed recyclables, food waste and other segregated recyclables.


  • Within the I&C division we employ c.2,772 people and have a fleet of c.1,200 waste collection vehicles, operating from 78 sites across the UK
  • We offer nationwide coverage, covering over 95% of UK postcodes with the Biffa fleet and the small remainder covered by a closely managed supply chain function
  • The division operates under a regional business model, allowing our focus to be placed on the customers and businesses in each region

Services & Customers

  • We have over 72,000 customers nationwide, ranging from small local businesses with a single bin requirement, to large regional and national businesses requiring a complex waste services
  • Our wide range of waste and recycling services cover all commercial waste streams. We also offer emergency unplanned waste removal and bespoke solutions
  • Last year within I&C, we collected over 2.1 million tonnes of waste from an enormous 13 million bin collections

Household Waste Management (Municipal)

2.4 million households served

4.1 million weekly bin collections

36 local authority contracts

c.3,700 staff

Biffa’s household waste division is a leading service provider to local authorities, providing household waste management and recycling collections, street cleansing and other services. We serve 4 of the top 10 best performing local authorities in England. Learn more about household waste.


  • Within our household waste division, we employ c.3,566 people and have a fleet of c.1,487 waste collection vehicles, operating across the country from 44 depots
  • We supply services to residents of 40 local authorities across the UK and are proud to boast that 4 out of top 10 best performing councils, from the DEFRA recycling league table, are Biffa customers

Services (collection & transportation)

  • Dry mixed recycling – plastic, paper, tin, cardboard, card & glass
  • Organic recyclables – food & garden waste
  • General waste – non-recyclable materials
  • WEEE & textiles
  • Street and beach cleansing
  • Green waste club - collection of garden and green waste

Resource Recovery & Treatment

2 super MRFs processing over 400Kt pa

c.600 staff across the division


Biffa Polymers awarded Queen's award for innovation

4,700 hazardous waste customers

Our Resource, Recovery and Treatment division focuses on the processing of residual and recyclable materials. We employ c. 600 people across three areas within the division:


  • Our 2 fully automated Material Recycling Facilities (MRF) handle mixed recyclables, in locations near London and Birmingham and have a processing capacity of 400k tonnes per annum. This is equivalent to the household recycling of 4 million people
  • Biffa Polymers is a UK leading recycled plastics processor

Hazardous Waste Management Services

  • Biffa operates 7 transfer stations and has 50 vehicles providing collection, treatment and disposal services for chemical and hazardous waste

For a more detailed look into these hazardous waste management service areas, visit operational infrastructure

Energy from waste

34 landfill gas locations


Over 300ktpa Anaerobic Digestion (AD) capacity


530 million kWh of energy generated per annum


West Sussex MBT plant has 300kt capacity for residual solid waste

Our energy division operates energy from waste facilities across the UK, creating sustainable energy from the processing of waste.


There are three technologies that we employ to extract energy from waste:

Landfill gas (LFG)

  • Biffa pioneered the development of landfill gas capture and power generation over 25 years ago. Landfill gas is acquired by extracting methane from landfill sites to use in energy production

Anaerobic digestion

  • Our Poplars anaerobic digestion (AD) facility is the UK's most efficient food processing plant, with a processing capacity of 120k tonnes of food waste per annum. We have an overall anaerobic digestion (AD) capacity of over 300ktpa across this division
  • Additional sites at Wanlip and West Sussex

Mechanical and biological treatment (MBT)

  • We operate two mixed waste separation plants in Leicester and West Sussex, to recover recyclable material and prepare residual waste into fuels for energy recovery
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