Wasteaters in the wild!

A range of towns and cities across the UK are being invaded by mystical creatures known as Biffa Wasteaters.

These creatures are incredibly rare with only 15 in total – so have you been lucky enough to spot one?

Have you spotted a Wasteater?

Their scientific name is Biffa Recyclus… but we just call them Wasteaters. Affectionately named Walter, Wanda, Willy, Winston, Wendy, Woody and Wilma, each monster has its own eye-catching characteristics, name and personality, and serves a different UK city.

There not the most subtle creatures you will ever meet but they have unique markings which make them stand out.  You can identify a Wasteater first of all by its giant body.

Some have scales like dragons, others are furry like huge red mammoths. Some have spikes, some have horns. And of course they are all bright red – just like our Biffa bins.

Waste ranging from milk cartons, magazines or anything you might have thrown away during your busy day is their favourite cuisine – They all have shiny sharp gnashers– perfect for grinding down all the waste they find in your bins.

You might find one of these creatures lurking behind a shop in the middle of your town. You might spot one driving past your bedroom when you wake up in the morning. A Wasteater might even creep up behind your window whilst you’re sitting quietly at your desk…

What makes up a Wasteater?

With an intimidating build of 9m length and 4m height, the 15 Wasteaters are able to lift large bins containing up to 1,100 litres of waste at a time. Our Wasteater friends can devour their own bodyweight in rubbish, in an early morning period alone.

The trucks are our most environmentally friendly vehicles yet, manufactured from 95% recyclable material!

 Tips to hunting down a Wasteater

There are 8 in the North region ranging from Birmingham to York and 7 in the South region ranging from Bristol to Southampton.

These elusive beasts have an early start of 5am to scour the streets for anything they can gobble up – so you may have to be up early to catch one of our beasts in the wild!

Although tame, these beasts are still wild so ensure you don’t get too close. From a safe distance take a snap of these beautiful beasts and tweet us @Biffa using #Wasteater. – be quick though, they don’t hang around for long!

We also have a dedicated spotter’s website, containing tips and profiles of all of the Wasteaters, as well as clues of where they can be spotted. Watch our Wasteater video here https://youtu.be/RzY0G977GVo

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Jas Bagri

Jas is part of Biffa’s digital team, writing a diverse range of content on a number on industry topics. Jas’s favourite subject to write about is recycling, so look out for her handy tips coming your way!