Biffa- Framework’s Big Sleep Out!

Colleagues from Biffa took part in Framework’s Big Sleep Out on 18th November 2017 in Nottingham.

Biffa wanted to take part because homelessness can effect anybody. Most people are fortunate enough never to have to experience homelessness, but for those who do, it can be a very traumatic experience that is hard to escape from, damaging physical and emotional well-being along the way.

So how did the team get on …?


They arrived at the depot for a small team meeting. A tour took place, of what felt like the biggest depot in the world and they were lucky enough to be introduced to Nottingham’s cat, Scruff.


The team arrived at the site in convoy of Biffa vehicles and started their evening in high spirits, building shelters made from cardboard kindly provided by the Nottingham Transfer Station.


After testing friendships and arguing over the build of shelters, the team laid back and listened to the incredible live music and got to know the lovely team at Nottingham a little bit better – some settled down to a showing of a film on the big screen and as the temperature dropped, they began to layer up for the long night ahead, snuggled amongst cardboard and sleeping bags.


The sound of Wanda the Wasteater pulling up woke the sleepy team at around 6am. They felt like they had only had 2 minutes sleep in the sub-zero temperatures.

Biffa transformed into a well organised clean-up team and Wanda helped to consume the cardboard of all 200 people at the Sleep Out.

Overall …

It was truly eye opening to experience some of the difficulty that our Rough Sleepers will face this winter. The staff at Nottingham took extremely good care of the Biffa team.

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