Biffa Industrial Cleaning provides an expert service that can be tailored to your business' specific needs. Because we know that clean equipment and facilities contribute to lower operating costs and a safer workplace- we therefore offer a wide range of industrial cleaning services including power station oil spill clean-ups, high pressure water jetting, the decomissioning of sites, and de-vegetation.

Other industrial cleaning solutions we offer:

Our team can utilise industrial scale high vacuum cleaning units for the removal of any solids such as dust, catalyst, coal liquids, silts, rubble/hardcore and slurries/sludges.

Our high pressure water jetting units are versatile enough to clean a variety of contaminated materials such as oils and sludge spillages, inside of storage tanks or industrial plant equipment. We can utilise a range of temperatures and pressures to ensure the best results.

We have the expertise to help with the maintenance of drains and sewers. This ranges from inspections to 24 hour call out services for emergencies such as blockages.

We’re experts in dealing with both large and small tank farms and can create programmes of work tailored to your needs. Our industrial tank cleaning involves using remote tank spinning to reduce the need for tank entry by any personnel. We also undertake silo emptying and cleaning, ensuring a safe and compliant solution to the challenge of solid material transfer. Our specialist industrial cleaning equipment can be adapted to accommodate unique requirements such as the use of mobile bagging plants.

To discuss our industrial cleaning solutions and services in more detail, please fill in the short enquiry form and one of our industrial cleaning specialists will be in touch.

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