Spill Control – don’t ignore the risk of spillages.

Spill risks are everywhere. From leaks caused by manufacturing processes to dropped liquids in delivery areas, accidental damage by forklift trucks, or even overfilled tanks. Did you know that a single drop of oil can make up to 25 litres of water unfit for drinking? The scale of the impact that even small accidents can have upon public health and the environment can’t be taken lightly.

At Biffa, we have extensive experience in pollution prevention. We are accredited members of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF). That means we can provide the guidance you need to ensure that your staff have the confidence and ability to safely plan and implement emergency spill containment and environmental protection.

Our specialised range of spill control management products and training provide effective solutions to protect against pollution and the knowledge to tackle emergency spill incidents. Find out more about our comprehensive package of spill control products and our dedicated spillage management training.

Why choose Biffa Spill Control Management?

  • Award winning customer service
  • Free site survey to conduct a risk assessment and provide solutions based on your individual requirements
  • Expert consultants with an extensive knowledge of the industry and its governing legislation
  • British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) accredited spill prevention training provider
  • Once products have been used for containment, we can collect and dispose of them safely
  • UK wide collection and disposal of contained spillage

Do I need to worry about spills?

Nicky Parkerpayne, Biffa’s Spill Control Manager:
  • "Anyone who stores more than 205 litres of liquid needs to ensure it's stored correctly and have the right products on site to keep any spills contained. If you don’t, and pollutants escape into the drains and waterways, you could face heavy fines and more serious punishments."
  • "A common misconception is that only hazardous chemicals cause harm, but you can’t let anything other than water run-off into drains and rivers. Many seemingly ordinary things, such as milk, have a terrible impact on aquatic life if they leak."

What our customers say

Andrew Newport, Supplies Co-Ordinator, Lubricants UK Ltd:
  • "Biffa is very helpful getting the product we most commonly use, grey spill pads, delivered quickly. Nikky is always very keen to assist with any issues we have and able to resolve them. The products supplied meet our requirements and Nicky is always willing to go the extra mile."

Find out more about spill control

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