Dealing with hazardous or large volumes of fluids is a risky business – spills of this kind can pose a significant risk both to people and the environment, as well as negatively impacting your business.

Did you know?

A pollution incident costs an average of £30,000 for businesses in fines, clean-up charges and production losses. At Biffa, we have designed hazardous waste Spill Kits to ensure you’re prepared for any accidents. Our comprehensive range of products provide effective solutions to protect against pollution and tackle emergency spill incidents.

The Spill Range includes:

These include pads, rolls or granules designed to absorb spilled liquid.

From spill pallets to bonded flooring and spill trays, we provide high-grade systems for containing spills that can help you comply with environmental regulations.

We provide Oil Safe containers which are fully sealed units that prevent contaminants getting into your oil, and we also sell colour-coded storage to help you organise your liquids and avoid cross-contamination.

Easy-to-use drain covers that prevent spilt liquids from seeping into drains.

Our spill kits are comprehensive solutions that help control spills, featuring bins, bags, seals and absorbents.

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To browse our range of Spill Control products, download our Spill Control Catalogue. If you wish to find out more about our services, please complete the short enquiry form and a member of our team will be in touch.

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