Single stream recycling is a service we offer when you produce a large volume of a particular kind of waste.

The most common waste types for this service are plastic, paper, food, metal, card and wood. We offer effective recycling solutions meaning that whatever the volume or type of waste you produce, we can recycle it. By diverting your waste from landfill, we can significantly reduce your costs.

Benefits of single stream recycling

  • Minimises your costs

    By diverting all of your single stream waste to recycling, we reduce your costs though avoiding landfill tax.
  • Increases your business efficiency

    Because our team manages every aspect of the process through a bespoke service that’s designed around you.
  • Enhances your environmental performance

    We can help your business to minimise its environmental impact, improve resource efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.
Biffa see waste as a resource, not as a problem. We have extensive experience of providing waste management services throughout the UK. The Biffa approach focuses on providing sustainable solutions for our customers; solutions that unlock the potential of waste as a re-usable material and as a source of energy.

Did you know...

Collecting 2.1 million tonnes of waste per annum
250,000 bin collections per week
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