From water treatment to energy and petrochemicals facilities, Biffa’s long-term connections to the utilities sector offers invaluable expertise and a proven capability.

Offering an extensive range of services and solutions to the Utilities sector, Biffa protects your environmental credentials, bottom line and helps keep you compliant across your estate and is supported by one of the largest industrial and commercial waste management fleets in the UK. util-4

Our Dedicated Services Include:

  • General Waste
  • Hard Plastics
  • Grit & Screenings
  • Sludge & Effluent
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Dry Mixed Recycling
  • Wood & Metal
  • Skip Services
  • Emergency Waste - OneCall
  • Clinical Waste
  • Compliance
  • Environmental Services
Focused on supporting you throughout the duration of the contract, our dedicated team help you deliver continuous improvement, implement best practice and the results your client expects.

Key Areas of Support:

  • Landfill Diversion
  • Health & Safety
  • Continuous Innovation
  • ISO Compliance
  • Data Provision
  • Service Efficiency
  • Strategic Cost Reduction
  • Maximising Commodity Streams
  • CSR Targets & Objectives
  • Training & Engagement
To learn more about how Biffa can support you and your business, speak to our team today by calling 0800 307 307

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