Morgan - Bird Controller


Pest control is part and parcel of the waste management industry but it’s not always as unpleasant as you might think. Morgan flies his four beautiful birds of prey to scare off gulls and crows at one of our landfill sites, keeping numbers under control.

“I already worked in pest control before I joined Biffa four years ago so for me, this is my perfect job. I love flying the birds so it’s like my job and my hobby wrapped up in one.”

Zac - Customer Service Team Leader


Zac and her team are responsible for providing customers with a cost effective and compliant service, to safely contain and move hazardous waste. For some customers, hazardous waste management can be quite daunting, so for Zac it is all about making things as easy as possible.

“The satisfaction of knowing that you have made everything as straight forward and smooth as possible is my favourite part of the job. We’re a market leader, so it’s important I play my part in helping us to live up to our reputation.”

With over 10 years service, Zac knows the industry inside out but it is the strength of the team that she values most.

Stuart - Production Manager


Stuart is responsible for a team of operatives at our Polymers site that recovers, cleans and re-engineers used plastics to produce plastic compounds that can be used again for many different applications.

"I'm really proud to work here. My management team allow me to use my experience to lead the team. The freedom and trust from I’m given motivates me to do well. Biffa’s career path has led me to gain many qualifications I may not have had chance to do otherwise. I’ve even earned a degree through our training opportunities."

Rachel - Site Manager - Landfill


Before joining Biffa, Rachel worked in the environmental department at Cemex but now 6 years on, she manages one of our landfill sites.

“I love the variety of tasks and the people I get to deal with in this job. It’s a busy site so I have 8 in the team full time plus anything up to 50 contractors on site.”

For Rachel, the toughest part of the job is the long, cold winters.

“In the summer it’s lovely being outdoors all day but keeping the site open and operational in bad weather can be pretty challenging. Still, when you keep horses like I do, you’re used to being out in all weathers.”

Nadeem - Site Chemist


Nadeem is based in a transfer station for Chemical Treatment. His job involves analysing incoming waste to ensure it is within the specified limits expected. He also ensures the waste is stored safely and legally, adhering to all permit conditions.

“Sometimes the environment we work in can be challenging and fast paced. Things can happen quickly with very little time to plan so we have to react. The guys are always up for the challenge. They will work hard for each other to make sure we can deal with any issues that come our way.”

Nadeem joined Biffa 7 years ago and is working towards his next step up the career ladder.

“I'm being put through my COTC qualification and the ILM training program which is challenging but a great opportunity for me to further my career within the company.”

Malcolm - HGV Driver


Malcolm drives one of our trade waste trucks, collecting materials for recycling as part of our Industrial and Commercial division.

“Before I joined Biffa I worked as a golf green-keeper believe it or not! I decided to do something different so I got my HGV licence and started applying for driver jobs. Biffa gave me a start where others wouldn’t, because I didn’t have any experience. Here I am 10 years later and I’m very proud of that.”

Ed - Mechanical Fitter


A former Marine Engineer with the Royal Navy, Ed is responsible for the daily maintenance and checking of machinery at Biffa’s anaerobic digestion plant. Anticipating and preventing problems with machinery is a big part of the role but inevitably things break down from time to time.

“We try and plan as well as we possibly can but when unexpected things happen, you have to work fast. That’s never a problem for me. Getting up close and personal with machinery is my favourite part of the job.”

Ed joined Biffa 3 years ago but it wasn’t just the job that attracted him to Biffa.

“I’m proud to work for a company that promotes green energy and has the largest Anaerobic Digestion plant in Europe.”

Cheryl - Traffic Dispatcher


Routing vehicles…monitoring progress…re-routing if required…de-briefing drivers after their shifts. It’s all in a days work for Cheryl. If you are looking for a nice, quite office job then Traffic Dispatcher isn’t it. But Cheryl would have it any other way.

“It can be pretty full on. If we have any vehicle breakdowns or weather issues it can effect service but I enjoy taking responsibility for any issues that arise and resolving them with a happy outcome for our customers.”

Cheryl has worked for Biffa for 12 years and is proud of the company’s safety record and customer service but what she enjoys most is the team.

“I like the team of people I work with which does help when you spend 8 hours a day with them!”

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