Biffa IRM is a multi-award winning business providing innovative efficiency changes to the management of waste and resources throughout a number of UK operations.

The Biffa approach

Although Biffa started out as a waste collection and disposal company, we are now helping customers get to grips with their resource management practices and eliminate waste altogether. Biffa Integrated Resource Management takes the approach that if a company is paying to have waste removed it will most likely benefit from some leaner business thinking.

For the waste management industry to properly grow up, it needs to be providing customers with the right advice about their waste. That shouldn't stop at separating recyclables, for example, but should address why waste is arising in the first place.

That's why we embed our staff on customer premises and get to the root cause of waste – be it through driving process initiatives, improving supply chain management, or developing a co-product from what was previously a waste stream.

Challenges facing large business

  • High and increasing waste spend
  • Ambitious CSR goals
  • Increasing recycling targets
  • Complex operations
  • Diverse waste streams
  • Risk of non compliance
  • Labour inefficiency
  • Multi supplier management
  • Service scheduling
  • Complicated communications

IRM Zero2 Option

  • Strategic sustainable partnership
  • Waste into a cash positive resource
  • Trading waste as a commodity
  • Best in class recycling & recovery stats
  • Integrated "Recycling" champion
  • Delivering efficiency projects
  • Compliance "De-risk" programmes
  • One invoice as sole supplier
  • Education workshops
  • Co-ordinating site services


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