We take a strategic view, ensuring that the solutions we introduce set the standards for best best practice and actually address the waste hierarchy over the long term.

The IRM process begins with Biffa experts conducting an extensive audit of an organisation's recycling and waste processes and procedures, before agreeing short, medium and long term objectives with our client.


The waste hierarchy

An in depth understanding of our clients business helps us to maximise resources and minimise waste; applying the pinnacle of the waste hierarchy as we transform operations.

Biffa staff then work in partnership with customers directly on-site to identify potential areas of improvement and find solutions where challenges arise. Alongside this, 'waste champions' are appointed at each site to reinforce the ambition of zero waste, ensure new systems work and to identify ways to further improve.

Service features

  • Holistic waste & recycling management
  • Supplier management
  • Tailored, best fit solutions
  • De-commissioning management
  • Integrated contract management
  • Established operating procedure
  • On-site quality assessment
  • Legislative stewardship
  • Compliance auditing
  • Initiative scheduling
  • Closed loop coordination
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