The Battery and Accumulator Regulations were first implemented during 2009.

The UK Battery regulations followed the EU Directive which requires all member states to increase the amount of batteries they recycle. The battery regulations set out to establish producer responsibility for the collection, treatment and recycling of waste batteries in a similar way to the WEEE and Packaging regulations.

Is my business obligated?

You may be obligated under the regulations if you have placed batteries on the UK market through import or manufacture or have products that contain batteries supplied into the UK.

Registration varies depending on your battery type and supply size:

  • Small producers of portable batteries ( 1 tonne) need to join a Battery Compliance Scheme.
  • Producers of Industrial and Automotive Batteries, register direct with the Environment Agency.
There is also an obligation for retailers to offer a takeback service for batteries in-store when selling new portable batteries, if they sell over 32kgs of batteries per year per store. If you would like to set up a battery collection service, we can arrange this whether you need a small container for your office or a larger drums for consolidated collections. Please contact us to arrange or complete the online form here. For more information on the regulations and how they may effect you, or to join our Battery Compliance Service contact us now on:
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