Would you like a data flow system in place to better manage environmental auditing and Environment Agency (EA) forms?

Biffpack operates a bespoke data service designed to take sales and purchase figures from the previous calendar year to produce information that can be easily slotted into your Environmental Agency forms.

This data service is designed to take away the hassle of pulling this information together ready for the Environment Agency in your annual submission. Our data services will remove the necessity of remembering all the types of activities that are picked up dependent on the sales or products and the purchasing of materials.

Key Benefits of Biffpack Data Management Services

  • Remove the annual headache of packaging, WEEE or Battery Data calculations
  • Our team are experts in the field
  • Building a method around your business
  • Save time and improve compliance
  • Staff with experience in a wide range of business sectors
  • Full transparency in the service, calculations, sources of data and method
  • Outsourcing to provide business continuity
  • Developing solutions around your business to provide accurate submissions
  • Potential reduction in the number/frequency of environmental auditing

Request our Data Services

If your company is in need of a more efficient way of collating data for reporting your producer responsibility obligations, contact Biffa today to request our comprehensive data services.

The following diagram outlines the flow of the data service process that would be undertaken to establish your packaging submission

flow chart 1 for Data Management Services page

The following diagram outlines a typical process flow diagram that would be built specifically for your company to establish your packaging submission:

flow chart 2 for Data Management Services page

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