Biffa Smart365 – Driving savings, sustainability and innovation through continuous improvement.


What if you could measure, monitor and target how energy is used throughout your business, where waste is created and see at a glance where efficiencies and savings could be delivered?

What if this could all be achieved in a cost effective way using a single platform with a proven track record of reducing energy usage across multiple sectors? With Smart365 from Biffa – you can.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Deliver significant savings throughout your business
  • Avoid wastage and optimise resources
  • Support your CSR and sustainability goals
  • Intuitive and easy to use multi-stakeholder portal
  • Monitor in near ‘real-time’ main utility meter and sub-meter usage
  • Monitor equipment performance and environmental conditions effecting equipment performance
  • Implement control of equipment to optimise performance
  • Track energy consumption by area or high usage equipment
  • Implement energy demand reduction projects to generate savings and measure/validate the results
  • Cross check against utility billing
  • Automate energy and equipment non-performance alerts and alarms
  • Enable employee and stakeholder engagement

We have the capability to install low cost wireless hardware across your estate, allowing us to map the energy DNA of your operation. Hardware offering both monitoring and control of environmental and energy consumption through a non-intrusive, hassle-free installation process.

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