In 2013-2014, Biffa collected 733,000 tonnes of recyclables and just over 744,000 tonnes of residual waste, a 49.6% recycling rate which is sector-leading.

Together with cleansing streets and beaches, collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and textiles; operating transfer stations; providing bulk haulage; and managing waste recycling centres (HWRCs), we can help you to manage household refuse safely and in-line with government regulations.

At Biffa, our core services focus on collecting household dry recyclables to cut down on household waste disposal. Research has found that local authorities are capable of reducing unnecessary waste and improving on household waste recycling by introducing alternate week collection services (AWC). With this service, we can help you to drastically improve the level of household recycling within your area.

Biffa also operates the Green Waste Club, a subscription-based service for collecting and recycling domestic garden waste from almost 50,000 Club members. Devised by our team of experts, the Green Waste Club means that you can benefit from a regular garden waste collection service that will be recycled into compost for agricultural or domestic use.

In 2014, Biffa’s commitment to maximising service quality, while controlling costs, persuaded eight local authorities to sign contract extensions or renewals worth around £220 million.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a high quality household waste management service that will be cost-effective and efficient. We have experience in tailoring our service to the individual requirements of each local authority, so you can rely on us when it comes to managing different types of collection services.

Biffa helped Ashford Borough Council ditch the tag of England’s worst recycling authority after it recorded the country’s largest recycling increase in 2013-2014.  The following year, the  Council's recycling rate increased by 13.4% from 41.9% to 55.3%.

We know the importance of considering costs when it comes to household waste collection, which is why we work alongside local authorities to carefully consider cost implications. We can provide you with a flexible household waste collection service that will respond to your changing needs.

Get in touch with the team at Biffa – we can discuss your needs and requirements for the coming years. Call us on 01732 765 222 today.

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