Biffa manages a number of household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) that help to maximise local waste diversion for local authority clients.

Biffa sites are managed by friendly, motivated staff who help local residents to recycle common – and uncommon - materials.

Both popular and important disposal facilities for local residents, HWRCs are today far removed from the ‘tip’ of days gone by. As well as accepting residual waste, garden waste and basic dry recyclables, they now also provide many more recycling options for an ever-increasing range of materials that can be recovered and reused.

Materials once regarded as unrecyclable, such as batteries, electrical equipment, textiles, paint, engine and cooking oil, printer cartridges and lightbulbs, can now be deposited at many HWRCs.

Coupled with modern compaction and transport equipment, Biffa-managed HWRCs regularly achieve recycling rates exceeding 70%.


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