Biffa believes that environmental compliance, protection, carbon and energy management is an essential part of the business.

Following on from the 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report ‘Biffa Being Better,’ we have published a new report for 2016. The report highlights some of the amazing projects underway throughout the Biffa group of businesses and is structured around our key pillars: working together safely; being first choice for customers; streamlining processes so that we are easy to do business with; and building pride in Biffa by engaging our employees and working on projects within the communities which we operate.

“These are just a few examples of the amazing work underway throughout the Biffa business. It highlights some of the many instances where colleagues are really trying to make a difference in order to improve the environmental performance and the long term sustainability of the operations.” Simon Rutledge - Group External Affairs & Sustainability Manager.

Biffa is committed to complying with our permits as well as promoting high standards of environmental, carbon and energy management on all of our sites, premises, and in all of our activities.

To achieve this, the Board will:

  • Develop an Environmental Compliance Strategy
  • Provide adequate resources for planning, provision and maintenance of environmental management plans
  • Ensure we meet all applicable environmental legislative, industry, organisational and customer needs
  • Ensure that all of our sites and operations are managed in an environmentally sensitive way to minimise any negative impact on the environment and local communities
  • Constantly work towards improving environmental management at all levels within Biffa

Our objectives for the environment and carbon management

  • The company set environmental objectives and targets which are measured, monitored and reviewed to enable continuous improvement in our environmental performance
  • To raise awareness and work to the objective within the Environmental Compliance Strategy
  • To retain certification to ISO14001:2004
  • To identify and focus resources as targeted campaigns for key areas of our business where we can make significant improvements in terms of our environmental performance, specifically reduction of greenhouse gases, resource efficiency and energy management
  • To retain Carbon Saver Gold accreditation

How do we comply with our responsibilities for the environment and carbon management?

  • Our Group Environment Manager is responsible, through our network of SHEQ Coaches, for ensuring environmental auditing, coaching and training are carried out
  • We maintain an integrated management system. This provides clear advice, guidelines and tools to ensure we prevent pollution and have a positive impact on the environment wherever possible
  • All of our people are responsible for ensuring high standards of environmental care
  • Our local business leaders are responsible for their business obligations and performance and for cascading information to our operating teams
  • Review the environmental compliance strategy and performance, developing specific action plans as required

Participation and Consultation are vital aspects of this policy. Biffa welcomes suggestions from members of the public and employees to improve environmental performance.

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