Meet the Wasteaters








Wasteater Spotting guide

Towns and cities across the UK are currently being invaded by mysterious creatures known as the ‘Wasteaters’.

These elusive beasts set off in the middle of the night to scour the streets for anything they can get their teeth into – milk cartons, magazines, anything you might have thrown away during your busy day.

You can identify a Wasteater first of all by its giant body. Some of them have scales like dragons. Others are furry like huge red mammoths. Some have spikes, some have horns. They shouldn’t be too difficult to spot, though, as they are all bright red!

They also have in common their big white teeth – perfect for gnawing on all of the waste they find – and their bulging, bright eyes. You’ll know a Wasteater when you see one!

You might find one of these creatures lurking behind a shop in the middle of your town. You might spot one driving past your bedroom when you wake up in the morning. A Wasteater might even creep up behind your window whilst you’re sitting quietly at your desk…

But be quick! Snap a photo while you can. Wasteaters won’t hang around for long, they’re always hungry and will want to go and look for tasty waste to fill them up!

And if you are lucky enough to spot a Wasteater, be careful – they’re monsters after all. You might not want to get too close!

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