Waste Legislation Guide for Businesses - Biffa

Evolving waste regulation

UK waste regulation continues to evolve as the government seeks to embed sustainable business practices, to support the UK’s Net Zero ambition. There are 4 key legislative changes in the next two years that will impact businesses and organisations: Extended Producer Responsibility, Collections Consistency, the Deposit Return Scheme, and Persistent Organic Pollutants.


EPR - Who needs to comply?

Any business which:

o Is an individual business, subsidiary, or group (but not a charity)
o Has an annual turnover of £1m+ or is responsible for 25+ tonnes of packaging
o Carries out one of a number of packaging activities. See below.


Find out how we can help you prepare for EPR

The Welsh Government’s Collections Consistency plan

The Welsh Government are currently proposing to phase implementation from 6th April 2024, as follows:

6th April 2024: Glass, Paper & Card, Metal, Plastic & Composite Cartons, & Food Waste
6th April 2026: sWEEE (except unsold sWEEE – which is from 6th April 2024)
6th April 2026: NHS
6th April 2027: Sold Textiles (except unsold textiles – which is from 6th April 2024)

What is Biffa doing about POPs?

We are working with our supply chain, and making changes at our facilities, to ensure we can handle and dispose of waste containing POPs compliantly, with minimum disruption to our customers. We are also helping our customers to understand their obligations by providing briefing, updates and additional guidance where needed.