A UK network for efficiently sorting waste 

Our Waste Transfer Stations (WTS) are designed to efficiently store and sort waste materials before they are moved on for disposal or treatment. Our commercial waste disposal sites and transfer stations are suitable for organisations of all sizes including councils, local authorities, facilities management organisations and other licensed waste providers and carriers. Our extensive infrastructure, which consists of over 50 sites across the UK, allows you to reduce the costs of both waste storage and disposal. 

Compliant and sustainable

As always with Biffa, you can trust that your waste is being processed in a compliant and sustainable way. All our waste transfer sites can house and sort recyclable material, general household waste, food waste, and green waste before it is transferred to various recycling or other treatment facilities or sent for disposal.  

Processed waste such as cardboard or wood can be recycled, while food waste can be processed in our Anaerobic Digestion plants to create agricultural products or energy. We also have specialist waste transfer stations around the UK equipped to safely process hazardous waste. 

Reducing the environmental impact of waste 

We carefully monitor and report on the environmental impact of our waste transfer sites, continuously identifying opportunities to improve. Our staff are also trained to minimise harmful emissions. For example, we spray dusty waste materials with water to reduce particulates and ensure that all vehicles on site reduce unnecessary engine idling.  

Biffa employee operating the screen in waste transfer station

Contact us

If you are an organisation with a waste carriers license, get in touch with your local Biffa depot or fill out the form to speak to one of our local experts.