What is WEEE compliance?

Any organisation, regardless of size, that manufactures, uses, imports or sells electrical or electronic equipment needs to make sure they’re compliant with WEEE regulations. This includes most products that have a plug or need a battery to work such as household appliances, IT equipment, TVs, radios, lighting and much more.  

The WEEE regulations aim to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment that ends up in landfill. More specifically, they cover how WEEE should be recovered, processed and treated, reused, and recycled

Biffa Transform

Biffa Transform provides a range of WEEE compliance services. We help register you as a producer with the Environment Agency and support you with auditing and reporting requirements. We also support you with technical guidance and advice, help you categorise and understand which WEEE regulations apply to you, and more.  

Additionally, Biffa has the infrastructure and sites to accept and sustainably process this type of waste for you. We recover and recycle WEEE where possible to improve the impact this type of waste can have.

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