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'Resourceful, Responsible'

In March 2020 we published our sustainability strategy ‘Resourceful, Responsible’ setting out our goals for 2030 that are focussed on three areas, aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). These are: (i) Building a Circular Economy, (ii)  Tackling Climate Change, and (iii) Caring for Our People, Supporting Our Communities.

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Sustainability strategy

Our strategy is based on three strategic pillars:

Strategic Pillars

Strategic Ambitions

Targets to 2030

Alignment to UN SDGs

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  • Strategic Pillars

    Enabling a circular economy

    Strategic Ambitions

    Unlock £1.25bn of investment in green economy by 2030

    Targets to 2030

    • Leading in surplus redistribution
    • Quadrupling our plastics recycling
    • Investing in low carbon energy from waste

    Alignment to UN SDGs

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  • Strategic Pillars

    Tackling climate change

    Strategic Ambitions

    Having reduced emissions by 70% since 2002, we will deliver a further 50% reduction by 2030

    Targets to 2030

    • 50% reduction in carbon emissions
    • Cease buying fossil-fuelled trucks
    • Increase collection route efficiency by 20%

    Alignment to UN SDGs

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'Resourceful, Responsible’ fully supports our strategic growth plans and long-term vision, defining the important role Biffa can play in delivering more sustainable solutions to help combat the UK’s waste challenge.
Michael Topham
Biffa CEO

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