How does our hazardous waste solution work? 

If your organisation produces hazardous waste, our team of local mobile chemists and hazardous waste specialists provide end-to-end services including technical consultancy that covers all compliance areas – from hazardous waste collection or specialist waste disposal, to training, packaging and classification.

What’s more, our expert chemists can be integrated into your organisation, to properly assess your needs and support you - whether that’s on a one-off or regular basis. We are located around the United Kingdom, guaranteeing easy accessibility to a specialist waste disposal service near you.  

Our range of services

We help you to meet safety and compliance obligations with tailored services to suit your budget. 

Metal and plastic barrels containing hazardous chemicals

Hazardous Packaged Goods

We collect and treat a wide range of hazardous waste including paints, oils, aerosols, bulbs, batteries, electrical items and more on a regular basis. We also offer WEEE waste collections, allowing us to collect and safely dispose of a variety of mixed hazardous waste boxes, waste drums and bulk WEEE bags. These are perfect for low-volume premises.

Biffa tanker sucking liquid waste

Bulk Liquid Disposal

We provide bulk liquid waste services for all types of tankered liquid waste including sewage, industrial effluents, food and drink liquids, interceptors and sludges. We also offer services such as tank and drain cleaning, spillage and pollution control alongside our 24/7 emergency response capability.

Clinical sharps bins

Clinical Waste

We offer specialist, accredited and responsible clinical waste collection and disposal services across the UK. We work with health and medical organisations such as hospitals, clinics, veterinary practices, schools and more. Biffa deals with all types of clinical waste collection and disposal including medical, sharps, soiled waste, sanitary and infectious waste.

Man in hazmat suit cleaning

Industrial Services & Cleaning

We provide and manage industrial cleaning and maintenance requirements for organisations of all sizes. From the routine to the complex, our specialist team deliver bespoke, reliable and efficient results for your peace of mind.

Our industrial waste services include tank and vessel cleaning, site clearances and decommission, industrial shutdown maintenance as well as restoration, remediation and decontamination services to ensure you meet your compliance obligations.

Making hazardous waste disposal safe

Our cutting-edge hazardous waste treatment neutralises difficult materials and substances to make them safe for recycling or disposal. Our team will work with you to understand and classify your waste for safe transportation and treatment. We then take them to our Hazardous Waste Disposal Transfer Stations and treatment sites across the UK. Here they’re filtered, washed and treated quickly, safely, and efficiently.

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