Sunset with text "what iff"

What iff a waste management company wanted to reduce waste?

At Biffa, that's exactly what we've been working on. We help our customers recycle, redistribute and reuse waste. It's all part of Biffa driving the circular economy. Connecting like-minded organisations. Creating opportunities. championing communities. It's how we help businesses and organisations grow more sustainably.
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What iff manufacturing waste was given a new life?

That's the vision we're working towards. When it comes to complex mixed materials, we find new ways to process them safely and sustainably, turning them into something brand-new. We work with customers and innovative partners to give hard-to-recycle materials new life. 

Change begins with what iff...

What iff you can save money by recycling?

What iff you could be a Change Maker?

We’re on the lookout for innovative businesses and entrepreneurs working to reduce waste. Enter our competition by April 30th to be in for a chance of winning.