Biffa’s fleet tracking solution for waste collection

Health and safety is of utmost importance to us. As well as partnering with local authorities to support municipal waste collection and recycling activity, Biffa also ensures your waste collection is running safely and at maximum capacity through our Control Centre service. In simple terms, the Control Centre is a fleet tracking service that monitors for potential risks and hazards related to behavioural health and safety. Our specialist staff monitor and audit crews and service vehicles via CCTV, and compile the data into weekly reports that highlight risks. This allows us and our partners to collaboratively identify and plan changes to increase the safety and efficiency of waste collection.

The Control Centre has been a welcome addition to the Manchester contract, providing a greater level of transparency regarding the service provided - which has led to increased accountability.
Heather Coates, Strategic Lead 
Waste, Recycling and Street Cleansing, Manchester City Council 
Biffa’s Control Centre enables our clients to enhance their service delivery performance by driving good behaviours, improving the safety of their frontline staff and having the ability to challenge complaints and allegations quickly and robustly.

Services for local authorities

We support local authorities across the country through a variety of household waste collection and recycling services helping to cut costs and increase recycling rates.