Commercial Composting for Organic Waste - Biffa

Transform your plants, trees, and crops

Our compost is made from 100% recycled organic and green waste processed at our composting facilities across England. It is perfect for agricultural and horticultural customers and can be used by growers and farmers to improve soil conditions for crops, vegetables, and flowers. 

Our liquid fertiliser, a biproduct of our Anaerobic Digestion of food waste, is most suitable for grasses and quality grains (barley, wheat, oats). Its high nitrogen content from the food waste helps to improve soil fertility. It is currently sold to the agricultural market and spread directly onto land.

We also sell liquid fertiliser 

This organic bio-fertilizer is produced at Biffa’s Poplars plant in Cannock, one of the largest anaerobic digestion plants in Europe, processing over 300 tonnes of source-segregated food waste every single day from commercial food producers and local authorities.

A biproduct of the process, our liquid fertiliser contains an energy-rich, high quality digestate that can be applied to agricultural land.


Both our compost and fertiliser come in different quantities

Revive Compost is available in small and large bulk quantities for landscapers and commercial growers. Our liquid fertiliser is also available in different quantities. Contact us for more information.

Commonly asked questions

  • How is commercial compost made?

    We use two type of composting – (1) open window composting and (2) in vessel composting. Batches are sampled regularly to evaluate the nutrient levels and make sure the product is suitable for specific soil types and crops.

  • What is the difference between garden and commercial compost?
    The main difference between commercial and garden compost is what has been added to the composting bin. Home compost bins are much smaller, so there is less room for a variety of organic waste. Commercial compost will be created from vast quantities of recycled organic and green garden waste.
  • Can Revive Compost be used for all plants?
    Revive Soil Conditioner Compost is not suitable for lime-hating plants like Rhododendrons, Azaleas and certain heathers.