Keeping one step ahead

If you’re a business with complex surplus or waste management needs, or struggling to keep up with ever-changing environmental regulations, we provide effective waste management consultancy services. We work with you to provide clear actionable recommendations, helping businesses to reduce waste and emissions, increase recyclability and recovery rates, and reduce costs.

Support for local authorities

For local authorities we provide guidance in all aspects of waste management such as behavioural safety audits, improving health and safety through our Control Centre and advice around the circular economy and social value.  

Services to navigate legislation, stay safe, and reduce your environmental impact

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Legislation advice and support

Guidance for businesses affected by the Deposit Return Scheme, Extended Producer Responsibility, Packaging Recovery Notes, Plastic Tax, or Collections Consistency.
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Packaging surgery

Our packaging surgery helps customers improve recycling rates and mitigate the risk of rising packaging costs, which are set to increase by up to 1500% due to planned legislation changes. We provide holistic packaging market analysis and appraisal, with cross-supply chain visibility. Our surgeries are also independent and agnostic of material.
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Here to help you achieve packaging compliance in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Providing UK Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs), supporting UK infrastructure. The only large-scale UK compliance scheme to offer UK-only plastic PRNs
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Surplus and logistics review

Through Company Shop Group we can take surplus products and redistribute them for resale at heavily discounted prices whilst working with you to minimise surplus and waste earlier in the supply chain.
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Total waste management

Delivering large-scale innovative solutions for long-term sustainability, supply chain optimisation, dynamic energy management and more.
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Haz consult

Expert advice on hazardous waste removal and compliance requirements, including support to identify hazardous waste if unsure what your waste is, and training of in-house teams on how to manage hazardous waste safely.