On Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) Membership - Biffa
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"We were delighted to welcome Biffa as a member of OPRL helping to deliver our purpose to collaborate across the packaging supply chain to drive circularity and a transformation in resource efficiency. Having Biffa on board will also help us further strengthen the end-to-end service that members receive plus this collaborative approach will help retailers and brands manage their packaging range with circularity fully embedded."
Margaret Bates, Managing Director OPRL 

Through our membership with OPRL, we have free access to all their digital labelling assets aligned with WRAPs Recycle Now iconography, we are aligned on mandatory labelling as part of EPR, have access to insights on how this will develop, and can use of their PREP design for recycling tool & Recyclable certification standard. 

In addition, we’re now involved as a key stakeholder in a new B2B labelling project which will create clear labelling for business-to-business labelling too, in harmony with those we see on consumer goods. We also get Exclusive access to Webinars for any label updates, policy changes and packaging insights and our Waste Strategy & Packaging Manager is a member of their Technical advisory committee (TAC group). 

The purpose of TAC is to discuss innovation in packaging development, material science, recycling technology and the infrastructure of the industry to ensure the OPRLs information and tools are kept up to date and backed by evidence. They discuss items including common and specific member queries, proposed recycling status for material types and new innovations in packaging material or recycling technologies and how they potentially impact its labelling rules and tools. 

Throughout our membership we’ve been able to advocate the benefits of OPRL membership to our customers like we did for Greggs or sharing the newest market research on topics like understanding customer behaviours. We also recently worked in collaboration on a marketing campaign to petition government to make recycling easier. 

Finally, this partnership has facilitated several opportunities for OPRL to speak directly to our biggest customers at events like the Open innovation Forum in November 2022, which was hosted at our PET recycling site in Seaham.