Biffpack: Packaging compliance made easy

Our Biffpack service is designed to support you with all your packaging compliance needs. A dedicated, expert team provides consistent technical advice and the resources you need to help you be compliant. In an ever-changing landscape, we help improve sustainability and give you peace of mind that everything is being handled correctly. We are proud of our track record for increasing efficiency and reducing costs for organisations.

Available for all businesses

Biffpack is a service for businesses of all sizes and is available to organisations without a waste contract with Biffa. We make compliance easier and less of an administrative burden. 

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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Compliance 

The new Extended Producer Responsibility legislation is designed to help protect the environment and enable a circular economy, by ensuring more recyclable waste is reprocessed into valuable, high-quality resources to be used again. However, the new regulations will transform business's reporting obligations and compliance costs as the full cost of collecting household packaging waste shifts from the taxpayer to producers. Biffpack can help – our technical compliance managers are on hand to help keep you compliant. 
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Packaging Compliance

We’ve seen plenty of volatility in the Packaging Recovery Notes (PRN) markets over the last few years which has caused challenges to businesses that are trying to determine costs and budgets. We’re here to support you with all your packaging compliance needs. This could include providing market updates, flexible invoicing, and a choice of procurement options to help you manage your spending in uncertain times.

Act now

Meet your obligations each year and prepare for any upcoming legislative changes with our Biffpack team. Act now to ensure you generate the most value. Arrange a no-obligation discussion with Biffpack today.

Consumer Information Obligations (CIO)

The Consumer Information Obligation (CIO) requires obligated businesses defined as ‘sellers’ (anyone who supplies packaging to an end user) to provide customers with certain information about recycling. This covers both business-to-business sellers and business-to-consumer sellers.

Other compliance services

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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment  

Biffa’s Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliance services ensure you meet your obligations by efficiently and sustainably disposing of your electrical and electronic waste. 
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Biffa provides a range of battery compliance services for producers, importers and distributors of batteries or battery products. We ensure you meet your battery compliance obligations.