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Our material and sustainable waste management experts have built industry solutions to support different types of businesses, from food manufacturers to construction to event organisers. We can tailor services to reduce waste, increase recyclability, and ensure compliance, creating additional value for your business.

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Total Waste Management

We help large scale and industrial organisations to more sustainably manage waste through our Total Waste Management solution. We immerse ourselves in their world, identifying new ways to reduce waste and costs, manage resources, ensure compliance, and turn waste into revenue streams.
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We understand the complexity of hazardous waste and how to deal with it safely and compliantly. Our experts work with you to design the right solution for your business, including on-site options.
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We not only collect plastic for recycling, we’re also the biggest plastic recycler in the UK and produce a range of high-quality recycled plastic (including food grade HDPE) for use in manufacturing.
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Besides offering a variety of business recycling solutions, we’re also packaging solutions specialists, and can advise on how to reduce waste by improving packaging designs and improving recyclability.
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We offer an end-to-end solution that helps reduce food waste through production optimisation and surplus redistribution. Where food waste cannot be prevented, we have options to reuse it as animal feed or redirect it for anaerobic digestion to create power and fertiliser.
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Events waste management

We have the scale to support events of all sizes and types, from arts and music to sport and corporate, and can supply containers, equipment and vehicles based on your precise needs.