Meet the Wasteaters: Seen throughout the UK - Biffa

Spotting a Wasteater

Wasteaters are large, red backed trucks with an elongated head and short but powerful rear, designed to propel the Wasteater’s towards its food. The Wasteater is multi-directional, whilst hunting for waste, it might appear to be moving backwards with its powerful cab pulling its body and head along. When prey has been spotted, the cab is kicked into reverse pushing the body slowly towards waste filled bins. 


Biffa Wasteater Vehicle

When and where to spot a Wasteater

Wasteater’s can be seen throughout the year but refrain from going out in the later afternoon when there is lots of traffic and people, as they’re quite shy really. If you’d like to spot a Wasteater, they can be found roaming around cities and towns in the early hours of the morning way before shops open. Wasteater’s love starting their day in cities because there is lots of bins around, filled with a variety of waste for the always hungry trucks. After getting their fill in the city, Wasteater’s will retreat to the countryside for casual snacking throughout the day before they retreat back to their depot homes, joining their waste collecting cousins.

UK map with red dotsMap of Wasteater locations