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Local household waste collection

We support local authorities cut levels of domestic waste, maximise value, and improve sustainability by providing household waste collection and recycling services that are essential to the community. We partner with you to manage your residential waste collection and provide a range of services to improve recyclability. Biffa helps you safely cut down waste, improve sustainability, and increase the rate you recycle to maximise efficiency and reduce costs.


100% of our Local Authority partners would recommend us 
Our 2-year audits confirmed 100% of our local authority partners agree we deliver value for money. We partner with you to manage your residential waste collection and provide a range of services (including street cleaning) to improve recyclability and reduce costs. 

Partners in sustainability and social value 

We support the collection, sorting and processing of local households’ waste to help Local Authorities achieve their sustainability goals. We believe we can create healthier environments, stronger communities, quality jobs, and opportunities that leave a legacy of lasting good. We do this by working in partnership with you. In the last decade, we’ve invested over £1bn in surplus redistribution, plastic recycling, energy recovery infrastructure and low carbon collections, making a big impact.

Committed to sustainability

Biffa is committed to sustainability, increasing recycling, reducing waste entering landfill, and enabling the circular economy. In the last decade, we’ve invested over £1bn in surplus redistribution, plastic recycling, energy recovery infrastructure and low carbon collections.

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Biffa councils placed in DEFRA's top 10 recycling league table

Household waste collection services

Explore our range of household and local authority services. 

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General waste  

We reliably collect over 1.49 million tonnes of waste from households each year, achieving a 99.9% service success rate. Our dedicated and professional teams provide a reliable and efficient service whether it is weekly, fortnightly or three-weekly, sacks or wheelie bins. Choose an effective recycling option too, and we work with you to improve recycling rates. 
Biffa operatives emptying bins


Efficient and effective recycling services that meet local needs and are flexible to adapt to future changes. Choose from fortnightly wheeled bin collections to weekly food waste and fortnightly garden waste collections. We also offer mixed dry recyclables or segregated recyclables collections, from boxes to reusable sacks.
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Food waste

Our purpose-built vehicles provide householders with regular, reliable and convenient weekly collections of food waste which can increase recycling rates by as much as 20%. We collect thousands of tonnes of waste food each month for processing at anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities where it’s converted into natural biogas that generates electricity.
Multiple household items outside building

Bulky household waste

We work with local partners and charities to upcycle, reuse or recycle as much bulky waste as possible. We collect bulky household waste through pre-booked appointments, from large electrical and electronic equipment such as white goods to general household items that are too big to fit inside a standard waste container. Residents benefit from a simple booking system that lets them know collection times in their area.
Clinical sharps bins

Clinical household waste

We are fully licensed and accredited to collect and safely process clinical waste. We offer discrete household clinical waste collections for local authorities and can create a bespoke mix of scheduled and ad-hoc services to collect bagged or boxed clinical waste based on requirements.
Biffa working with litter picker

Street cleansing

For over 30 years, Biffa’s street cleaning team have serviced town centres, residential areas, car parks and public spaces, as well as public toilets, carriageways and gullies. We use ‘smart’ mechanical street sweepers, as well as traditional brooms and hand carts. We can also clear abandoned vehicles, clean graffiti, and remove fly-tipped items.
Gypsum Close recycling centre

Household waste recycling centres

We operate 35 Household Waste Recycling Centres on behalf of four local authorities. We provide controlled waste collection points at these sites for a variety of recyclable and non-recyclable waste. They’re managed by friendly, motivated teams who help local residents to recycle a range of materials.
Biffa staff servicing pipework

Support & consultancy services

Direct Services Organisations and Local Authority Arm’s Length Trading companies can access a range of additional services from consultancy and advice on health and safety policies and training, round restructures, and legislation, to vehicle maintenance and servicing. We can also help improve residents’ recycling, collect their garden waste, and compliantly manage more problematic waste items, such as those containing persistent organic pollutants. 

Discover how we can help you

If you are a resident enquiring about your household waste collection, serviced by Biffa, please contact your local council. If you are a local authority and would like to find out how we can support your household waste collections and more please get in touch below.