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A library of useful guides and toolkits

On this page you will find a series of downloadable resources for use in your business or organisation to help educate and encourage people to be more sustainable, compliant, and safer with waste. We also have links to helpful videos and eLearning modules. 


Biffa How-To

Our teams of experts have created a series of videos that you can share with your customers and colleagues providing helpful tips to manage waste more sustainably.

Preparing for legislative change

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Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Information

Guide on what POPs is and what waste producers need to do to meet new regulations
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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Information

Detailed and clear guide on Extended Producer Responsibility, what it is and how to prepare

People In and Around Bins

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People in and around bins awareness poster

We want to raise awareness of this issue amongst customers and members of the public. Download and display this poster in your premises.

Free e-learning on packaging regulations

Below you will find four free e-learning modules that you can access at any time when it is convenient for you. Each module is interactive and designed to help companies understand what’s involved in Packaging Waste Regulation compliance, and how Biffpack can help.

Packaging Regulations Unwrapped 1 – ‘An Introduction’

Packaging Regulations Unwrapped 2 – ‘Shared Producer Responsibility’

Packaging Regulations Unwrapped 3 – ‘Data Submission'

Packaging Regulations Unwrapped 4 – ‘PRN’s Explained’