Did you know that small and medium sized businesses make a big impact on UK recycling? 

SMEs can make a big and positive impact on UK recycling. Last financial year, out of all the industrial and commercial recycling Biffa collected, 31% of came from SMEs and 34% came from corporate customers. This shows that what smaller businesses do collectively is essential to the sustainable future of the UK. We're here to help with our Biffa How To videos featuring practical things any business can try to step up recycling, even if that means starting for the first time!    

Find out how to reduce single-use effectively
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Find out how your business can recycle more with Biffa

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Services for small to medium enterprises

Whether you’re a start-up or have been in business for years, we can provide cost-effective small business waste management services that meet your specific needs. 

Get started with recycling

Biffa recycles over 10 billion plastic items every year and in the last year we have increased capacity to recycle even more. When we recycle material in the UK, it means less new materials are needed to be shipped in to make new products which reduces carbon emissions. 

In order to do this, everyone needs to work together. Businesses of all sizes have a part to play. For example, in order to process recycling, Biffa needs to have the right materials in the right condition. If you and your colleagues are ready to take the next step, to start or grow your business recycling, putting the right materials in the right bin, and ensuring what goes in is free from contamination is a good place to begin. Recycle Week is a great time to get started.    

There are simple things any business can try to avoid wishcycling, reduce contamination and reduce the amount of packaging waste. Our How-To videos provide helpful hints to get you started and to improve your recycling activity. Small steps lead to big change when everyone takes them.

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