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I don't have a food waste bin at work, can I still use the calculator?

Yes you can! If you have a standard food caddy in the kitchen at home issued by some councils - these are normally the size of a 5 litre bin. If you're not familiar they are about 20cm tall and 25 cm wide. You can estimate from here how many you might go through at work . Or just have a play and see how much energy is produced for each bin size! 

How do you create electricity from food waste? 

When food waste breaks down it releases biogases, like methane. Anaerobic digestion is the process of breaking down organic matter in a controlled environment so we can capture these biogases. With the right equipment, end of life food can be transformed into a source of clean energy. Watch this 2 minute video to find out more... 

Get a food waste service

You can get a quote and buy a food waste service online through our online quote tool. 

What is surplus food waste? 

Surplus food refers to products that cannot be sold. It might be they are going out of date, or that labelling is incorrect, or the packaging damaged. Nearly 200,000 tonnes of perfectly good food and drink goes to waste in the UK supply chain each year. In 2020/21, 4.2 million people (6%) were in food poverty in the UK, including 9% of children. Find out what we're doing about it in partnership with Company Shop Group and how 41,445 tonnes of food was saved from going to waste in the last year alone – the environmental equivalent of taking 28,000 cars off the road.  

Company Shop Group experts talking about food waste at our Waste Net Zero Conference...

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