Open to all, not just Biffpack members

Producer responsibility is a complex subject; establishing your obligations under any of the regimes and understanding the whole process can be difficult and time-consuming. To help meet your company’s requirements and give you the flexibility you need, we offer both standard and bespoke training options, whether your company is a Biffpack member or not, that ensure compliance within your company.

Free e-learning on packaging regulations

Below you will find four free e-learning modules that you can access at any time when it is convenient for you. Each module is interactive and designed to help companies understand what’s involved in Packaging Waste Regulation compliance, and how Biffpack can help.

Packaging Regulations Unwrapped 1 – ‘An Introduction’

Packaging Regulations Unwrapped 2 – ‘Shared Producer Responsibility’

Packaging Regulations Unwrapped 3 – ‘Data Submission'

Packaging Regulations Unwrapped 4 – ‘PRN’s Explained’

Stay updated

Legislation is continuing to evolve, and timelines are not always fixed. We are monitoring changes and will continue to update our advice and training as compliance evolves. Follow Biffa on LinkedIn or Twitter for updates on legislation and courses.