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Extended Producer Responsibility - A Practical Guide

15 Aug 2023
5 mins
Find out more on what businesses need to do and why it is important.

Biffa experts have developed this practical guide to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR):

  • Why is sustainability legislation essential?
  • Who does EPR affect and what do they need to do?
  • How can I report effectively?
  • What kind of impact will EPR make?
  • What do businesses think about EPR?
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What are the latest developments for EPR?

At the end of July, the UK government announced that it is delaying the fees of EPR. This means that EPR costs will be implemented in 2025 and the modulated fees will not be introduced until October 2026.

This gives producers more time to gather data and strategise their approach. Although the fees have been postponed for 12 months all affected businesses big and small need to be collating data to hit reporting deadlines.

Who has to report and when?


Small organisations defined as businesses that handle between 25-50 tonnes of packaging per year AND have a £1-2 million turnover.    Large organisations defined as businesses that handle over 50 tonnes of packaging per year AND have a turnover of over £2 million 
 Report on packaging handled from January 2023 by April 2024.  Need to report every six months: For the period January to June 2023, report data before 1 October 2023. For the period July to December 2023, report data before 1 April 2024. 

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Biffa operates at the heart of the UK’s circular economy. We physically handle the packaging materials the UK no longer needs and can see first-hand the impact of sustainability legislation. Britain needs to recycle more and to do this, more packaging needs to be recyclable. EPR will help us to achieve this.
Michael Topham
Biffa CEO