Update - 27th April 2023

Statement from Julie James MS, Minister for Climate Change:

Having carefully considered the feedback, subject to the will of the Senedd, I will be extending the coming into force date of the legislation until 6 April 2024. This will allow an additional 6 months for the necessary preparations in advance of the legislation coming into force at the beginning of the next financial year.  I would therefore urge those who have yet to complete their preparations to follow the example of those that have already implemented the change to source segregated and collected recycling. This is a vital step in the action required to not only tackle the climate and nature emergency, but also to realise the benefits of the circular economy.

These reforms will ensure that we can capture a resilient supply of high-quality recycled materials, which can then be returned back into our economy. This in turn will help unlock the benefits of the circular economy and support business resilience through the transition to a decarbonised economy. Building on the success of our household recycling, these reforms represent another significant step towards a more circular economy and a net zero Wales.

To find out more about the cabinet statement please click here.

Update – 25th November 2022

The Welsh Government plan to change the way that our recyclable materials are stored and collected. By 2050, Wales aims to become a zero-waste nation. To help Wales achieve this aim, the Welsh Government has set a target to recycle 70 percent of its waste by 2025. To do this, they are proposing for recyclable materials to be further segregated from the normal co-mingled materials. The changes are being implemented across households and private industries to help Wales become a high recycling nation.

The Welsh Government has issued draft regulations with a go live date proposed for October 2023.Those who collect, receive, keep, treat or transport waste must not mix the separately collected recyclable waste streams with any other recyclable waste stream or with other types of waste or other substances or articles. This is referred to hereafter to as the ‘waste handler’s separation requirements’.

The nine specified recyclable waste materials that need to be separated for collection, collected separately, and kept separate after collection, in six separate recyclable waste streams, as a minimum, are as follows:

  • Food waste produced by premises producing more than 5kg of food waste a week;
    • Paper and card;
    • Glass;
    • Metal, plastic, and cartons and other fibre-plastic composite packaging of a similar composition (referred to hereafter collectively as ‘cartons’);
    • Unsold small electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE); and
    • Unsold textiles

    Although these changes are planned to come into effect within the foreseeable future, please be aware that this could be subject to change due to the plans still being in discussion with the Welsh Government.


    When are the changes planned to be enforced?

    Initially the plans were going to be in place from October 2023 however the Welsh Government has recently issued an update with an implementation date of 6th April 2024.

    Will businesses be required to have additional services when the changes are implemented?

    It is the responsibility of the waste producer to ensure that you are complying with the new legislation changes. Therefore, if you produce a mixture of recyclables, we will offer a range of services to accommodate your sites waste needs.

    Will Biffa be able to accommodate my business if I cannot fit anymore containers at my site?

    We are fully prepared to accommodate all of our customers needs when the changes come into effect. We currently offer a range of different size containers and will do our best to find a suitable solution for your site.

    I only produce a small amount of plastic & cans / paper & card, how will this be collected?

    We understand that our customers demands will vary, therefore we will be offering different collection frequencies and various container ranges (including bags) to suit all levels of waste volumes.

    How will Biffa support my business through the planned changes?

    Biffa will take our customers on the journey to ensure we can implement the Welsh Government changes as efficiently as possible.

    Where can I find out more information & stay up to date about this?

    To stay up to date with any changes or news, please complete the simple enquiry form. You can also find out more information on the Welsh Government website by clicking here.

    More information on the new Workplace Recycling regulations

    Download and share helpful resources to support the implementation of separated waste collections

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