Hinckley Point Power Station Sustainable Solutions - Biffa

The Challenge

Hinkley Point C is the first UK nuclear power station to be built in 20 years. As a state-of-the-art modern facility, it will produce electricity to power 6 million homes, whilst saving 600 million tonnes of CO2 emissions over its 60 year life span. The scale of the onsite operations is mind blowing and they are equally varied and complex. Hinkley Point require a waste management partner that can bring simplicity and sustainability to their site amidst a whirlwind of construction activity at the 400 acre site.

The Solution

Biffa manages the onsite waste consolidation centre, consolidating different waste streams to increase recycling and by managing a diverse supply chain, Biffa ensures effective onward treatment, maximisation of recycling and value to Hinkley Point C. The resulting online data is presented back giving insight into the environmental performance of the producing areas.

Value & Results

Working in partnership, with strong data, Biffa continuously tracks and improves your sustainability performance. Biffa handles over 15,000 tonnes of Hinkley Point C material per year, recycling over 96%. The team has identified waste material that can be used within other businesses and the surrounding community. Biffa is now working in partnership with the Hinkley team to develop this industrial symbiosis opportunity into an enterprise that will benefit local businesses and the surrounding communities.

Biffa received silver recognition at the Supplier of the Year awards for the incredible work they do at Hinkley Point C. Their open, honest and hardworking approach makes working with the onsite team easy for everyone involved.
Wynn Morgan
NNB Generation Company Waste and Fuel Delivery Lead
Construction of nuclear reactor at Hincley Point C