Chloe Barnicoat, Group Environmental Projects Manager

Meet the team: Chloe Barnicoat

In our latest blog we caught up with Chloe Barnicoat our Group Environmental Projects Manager to find out more about her role and life at Biffa.

How long have you worked as part of the Biffa team?

I’ve been with Biffa for 8 years and first joined the company as a Compliance Manager for Biffpack. In October 2015 an opportunity to move to the Environment & External Affairs team came up and I took on the role of Group Environmental Projects Manager.

What does your job role involve?

I work on so many different and varied projects that we would be here all day, but typically my role includes gathering environmental data from sites to be shared in publications such as our Annual Report and to report on Biffa’s Green House Gas emissions. I also assist in the preparation of our annual return to the Environment Agency for the Carbon Reduction Commitment and other projects relating to sustainability, energy consumption and wider industry issues.

What attracted you to Biffa?

I’d worked in the industry for a number of years before joining Biffa and the business had a good reputation as an employer amongst peers. My initial impression was that despite being a huge organisation, there was still a feel of a family business where people really do care and ‘go the extra mile’.

Working for a company as big and diverse as Biffa gave me the chance to progress my career and develop my knowledge in other areas of the business.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Aside from working with a really professional and supportive team, the bit I enjoy most is that I get to work with people across every division – I can honestly say I learnt more about Biffa in my first 6 months as Group Environmental Projects Manager than I did in the entire 6 years prior! No two days or projects are ever the same and I’m in the privileged position of seeing exciting developments happen across the whole business.

I also genuinely enjoy sharing Biffa’s green credentials; from generating more than eight times the amount of electricity we use day to day, to our closed loop AD and polymer recycling processes, our sustainability credentials are really very impressive and something we should all be proud of.

Your biggest achievement…

On a personal level, I’ve achieved professional membership to the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA). I’m surrounded by qualified subject experts in my team and it was high time I got some letters after my name!!

From a work perspective, I was delighted to renew our Carbon Saver Gold certification for the 10th year in April this year– the reduction in carbon intensity per tonne of waste we handle across our whole business was the biggest to date and demonstrates the low energy technologies we’ve invested in and the campaigns we roll out in the business do have an effect and are making a marked difference to our impact on the environment.

Have you faced any challenges whilst working in your role?

This will probably sound trivial, but one of the biggest ongoing challenges I face in my role is getting sites to send meter reads to me so that we can sort out billing errors with the power companies. We’re looking to address this in the coming months by making power usage more visible and readings automated.

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