From independent manufacturers to large PLCs, our integrated approach reduces waste, pinpoints recycling opportunities and maximises valuable commodities throughout the production and manufacturing process.

As recycling and resource recovery experts, Biffa is helping companies take control of their costs and eliminate waste by developing bespoke waste solutions. Utilising our experience and infrastructure, we deliver efficiencies, gains and protect your bottom line by turning your waste into a valuable resource.


Our Dedicated Services Include:

  • General Waste
  • Hard Plastics
  • Wood & Metal
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Banding & Strapping
  • Dry Mixed Recycling
  • Confidential Waste
  • Animal Bi-Products
  • Emergency Waste - OneCall
  • Clinical Waste
  • Compliance
  • Environmental Services

Biffa is ready to design and deliver a flexible solution that helps take care of every aspect of your on-site waste. We’ll provide you with a dedicated on or off-site manager. We’ll supply a comprehensive waste management plan. And we’ll back everything up with continuous support and a service that’s tailored to the unique needs of your organisation.

Key Areas of Support:

  • Landfill Diversion
  • Health & Safety
  • ISO Compliance
  • Cost Management
  • Maximising Commodities
  • CSR Targets & Objective

To learn more about how Biffa can support you and your business, speak to our team today by calling 01296 461 240.

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