At Biffa, we’re able to use our years of experience of providing waste solutions to local authorities to manage and transport waste or recyclable materials in bulk.

Biffa provides the bulk haulage of recyclable materials, including garden waste and food waste, using a variety of utility vehicles best suited for this operation. These are as follows:
  • Waste Compaction

    Our refuse compaction equipment and vehicles are designed to make sure that you won’t need more waste collections than necessary. By compacting larger volumes of waste, this will significantly reduce unnecessary bulk haulage, and save you time and money, as well as improving upon your overall environmental impact.
  • Articulated Vehicles

    We use a variety of articulated waste vehicles to transport bulk volumes of waste. These vehicles are capable of transporting significantly more material than collection vehicles, which is why our customers benefit from efficient bulk waste haulage, with fewer disposal trips needed.
  • Roll On Roll Off Vehicles

    These bulk waste collection vehicles provide us with the means to carry out bulk haulage work as efficiently as possible when it comes to working with local authorities and large landfill sites.

Bulk Haulage Considerations

Safety and environmental health are important to us when considering the correct use of bulk haulage. Due to our years of experience using reliable bulk haulage vehicles, you can rest assured that our service is safe and in-line with all government regulations. We offer a competitive leading-edge route optimisation system and close collaboration with our customers for an efficient and, where required, reactive service.  We also have the latest equipment on site to load utility vehicles effectively for maximum payloads. If you have any questions about our bulk waste removal services, simply contact us today. Our team will be in touch to resolve any queries regarding waste collection vehicles.  
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