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Man holding waste pellets in newly acquired Hull pellet plant

Transforming waste into fuel: Biffa acquires Hull pellet plant

10 Apr 2024
3 mins
Facility turns residual waste into ‘solid recovered fuel’ pellets, a high quality, sustainable, alternative to fossil fuel

Biffa, the UK leader in sustainable waste management, has strengthened its Resources & Energy capability following the acquisition of a business that transforms residual waste into fuel.

Biffa has acquired the entire share capital of Eco-Power Green Energy Ltd, a subsidiary of Eco-Power Environmental Ltd, along with a dormant plant in Hull and seven new members of staff.

The plant has the capacity to produce more than 100,000 tonnes of solid recovered fuel (SRF) pellets each year from non-recyclable household waste. 

SRF pellets are a high quality, sustainable, alternative to fossil fuel used primarily by the cement industry. Biffa will recommission the plant over the next few months.

Biffa's Resources & Energy Division also transforms non-recyclable waste into renewable electricity for the grid, and organic compost for agriculture.

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Mick Davis, Biffa’s Chief Operating Officer, Resources & Energy, said: “The recommissioning of the pellet facility allows us to further diversify our capability to divert more difficult-to-deal-with wastes away from landfill and help reduce customers’ carbon footprint.  It’s an exciting opportunity for us to develop our expertise in the alternative fuels market and could potentially be a stepping stone to a broader strategy in this space.”

Louis Calders, Eco-Power’s Group Commercial Director, said: “We are delighted to finally complete the sale. The acquisition of the business is testament to the vision, hard work and commitment of the Eco-Power team for the past seven years. We believe that Biffa have all the necessary expertise and resources to take the business on to the next level and we wish them every success in doing so.”