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Biffa and Zellar help businesses cut carbon emissions and energy bills

15 Dec 2023
3 mins
Biffa customers can get a 20% discount off their first year's subscription to Zellar - a smart sustainability platform that makes it easy for businesses to calculate and understand their emissions and to build an achievable plan to lower them

Biffa, the UK’s leader in sustainable waste management, is helping customers save on energy bills this winter by teaming up with smart sustainability platform Zellar. 

Most SMEs understand the need to take positive steps towards climate action, but remain unaware of their carbon emissions, and struggle to make headway when it comes to sustainability. Many lack the time, money and knowledge to even know where or how to start. 

Zellar helps businesses go green and reduce costs by making it easy to calculate and understand carbon emissions and to build an achievable plan to lower them – and the amount spent on energy. A business’ sustainability actions are then translated into a public Zellar score – much like a credit rating – giving people an insight into its sustainability credentials, building loyalty and trust with customers, suppliers and partners in the process. 

Zellar makes the business case for sustainability clear, with each customer achieving an average cost reduction of £889 – with the potential to unlock further savings of £4,100. An annual Zellar subscription costs £299. Biffa customers can now get a 20% discount off their first year. 

Zellar app
Zellar's sustainability score
Simon Rutledge, Group Sustainability Manager at Biffa, said: “There are more than five million SMEs in the UK who collectively produce a third of the UK’s total emissions and around half of all business emissions. Teaming up with Zellar is so exciting as part of our work to help businesses become more sustainable. Its platform is both simple and affordable for any SME to start taking action and reducing costs.” 

Simon Jamieson, Managing Director at The Marketing Lounge Partnership, said: “We’re committed to becoming a more sustainable business. We’ve already taken significant strides towards greener operations, integrating technologies such as solar panels and LED lighting to reduce our energy consumption. As part of our commitment, we joined Zellar, which now enables us to better understand our impact and accelerate climate action. We also recognise the importance of responsible waste management in our pursuit of sustainability, so we’ve introduced recycling bins and use Biffa’s expertise to ensure that our waste disposal practices align with our environmental goals.” 

Gary Styles, founder and CEO of Zellar, said: “Joining forces with the UK’s leading waste company is yet another boost for our mission to accelerate climate action for the UK’s 5.5 million SMEs. We’re excited to be helping Biffa’s 96,000 customers take on their sustainability responsibilities - beyond waste. On Zellar they can tackle other frontiers such as energy and water – and reduce their costs too. We look forward to welcoming their customers on to our platform."